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We are a school and nursery run by Cambodian people and based just outside Siem Reap in a impoverished rural community. We offer places to all school aged children in the village and we never turn anyone away. 

Treak Village is a typical Cambodian village, 4 kilometres south of Siem Reap town.  Make the 4 km journey and travel back in time 100 years.  Parts of village life goes on much as it’s done for the past 1,000 years! 


Most people are subsistence farmers or fishermen; a high proportion of adults are illiterate, a direct result of the Khmer Rouge period.

There are around 2,000 people in 330 families.  Several families are on the government poverty list with individuals earning a few dollars a day. 30 families live in extreme poverty with no land, job, savings or help from family members.

Very poor families struggle to cover the costs of their children’s education.  Their children cannot get good jobs when they grow up and the cycle of poverty starts all over again.

What villagers deal with every day:

  • no piped water supply (families share water from wells)

  • 30% of families have no water filter (water cannot be drunk unfiltered)

  • no sewage system

  • no gas supply or telephone landlines

  • dirt roads

Our hand crafted products made in Treak Village by members of our community creates employment and keeps families together and supports childrens education. 

In addition 100% of the profits are ploughed back into school funds buying much needed resources, maintaining our buildings and employing local teachers.

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